Friday, February 12, 2016

January 11, 2016 Josh Update

thanks mom i love you guys so much im always thinking of what i will tell zach for is mission and i have found out the only way to live life successfully and to be a good missionary is to center Christ in our lives. I have started ponderizing a scripture weekly like brother devin who was in our ward said to do. i share the scripture and explain to every person i eat with that week i challenge you guys to do this as a family and mondays on family home evening share your scriptures with each other. I have reached a new level of obedience i stopped wearing a bracelet because it is a rule not to such a small thing but that day i invited to different people to be baptised one persosns first lesson the other the other second lesson and both accepted. As members of the church we live a higher law than the world such as no coffe no m rated games or r rated movies as a missionary i live even a higher law i wake up at 630 my day is planned perfectly and i don´t endulge in worldy pleasures i have come to realize i won´t come back the same person this mission has changed me forever i love you guys look at the meaning of the plan of happinness in a new way and understand what our father in heaven has done for us

Mexico City East

Mexico City East

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