Sunday, December 6, 2015

10/26/2015 - update from Josh

Hey Mom and Dad!
Yes, Elder Moore is one of my closest friends here in the MTC, I went to his call opening. I am having such a great time here! I do discussions in spanish with our teachers, it is absolutely amazing how my blessing said I would pick up the language easily because I will almost be 100% fluent by the end of this week.  Today, I went to the temple and the Celestial room was so amazing.  There were shapes I didn´t know existed in the architecture lol. On the way to the temple we got to drive through my mission. Elder Avery, my companion, and Elder Wach are going to the same mission and we were all amazed by the number of people and the poverty. It was crazy how friendly the people are - not all stuck up like Americans, but they are unbelievably poor. There are so many people they just walk in the streets and the cars go on either side of the road. One spot had one lane going north next lane over going south next lane over north and again and the fourth lane south hahaha who does that! Any way here are some picture.  I wish some more crazy stuff happened here that I could tell you about but it is mostly just learning ha ha - Oh but I found out I am incredibly talented at soccer I score on all the natives! Ha ha  right... (; Alright talk to you soon there are two more pics of the drive to the temple in the other email.  Love Josh
District in Mexico MTC
Josh and his MTC companion, Elder Avery

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