Monday, December 14, 2015

Decemer 9, 2015 Josh update

Mom what a sweet blog! Yes I got all of your packages thank you so much that food saved me! I'm gonna be honest I have been wearing my new socks and playing with my soccer ball haha! Lo siento! I am so excited to skype you guys! Lol zach is so happy he gets to drive now haha. Is he like 6´4? Jeez haha. Mom that's so sweet you are the President though! haha my companion thinks I´m going to be the AP after my training because usually I am the one that says alright wake up alright lets go. He is a good missionary he just has trouble sometimes so I help him because the best thing you can do is service! Here is some sweet pics because I know I have been slacking hehe

Oh and I spent about a week with my zone leader just learning about how to be a leader here and so we worked super hard that week so today we got the zone together and played bball and it was probably the funniest thing i ever did haha. But I want to be the AP soon because I think I could help so many missionaries ser exito. But here is one last pic (: enjoy Oh and the pic above with me grabbing the light is Lehi´s dream hahahahaha

Dude brock is such a stud! I was laughing so much about your pics of the different shaves its like the time i had supper long hair and when you were cutting it short we did like a mullet and some funny stuff hahah 

i don´t really get sick that often anymore i have more or less adapted to the food but that is sick the blog of my mission!

ya every six weeks when we do cambiars we have pday on wednesday. Im with the same comp tho because i am in my twelve weeks

hahaha you guys gotta visit! Well love you it´s 6 gotta get off tryna follow las reglas con exactitud love you dad bye!



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