Monday, December 28, 2015

December 14, 2015 Josh Mission Update

President Packer is so awesome! He is a legit witness though isn´t that crazy! You and dad should read D&C 67! Okay some quick things I need to tell you guys because I don´t have much time this week! ugh haha First I am serving a mission and pray for you guys everynight and morning and throughout the day everyday, therefore to recieve blessings because of my service. Second of all did you watch the dedication of the temple! 3rd Happy birthday to Brock and Dadio!!!! Thank you soooo mucchhhhh for all of the christmas gifts and packages!   I am pretty sure every missionary in the mission knows my name because of the packages I recieve lol Okay last I need to know your skype info if you guys can skype the 24 or 25 and what time evening would be best. I can only skype for 40 minutes ): But if we plan the time can be used wisely and we can make use of it (: So excited to speak spanish with dad hahaha Okay love you guys this converter for my pics is sweet too! Love you guys so much! Thanks for being awesome mom (: I was just thinking the other day how blessed I am to have you as a mom and to live with you guys for all eternity you guys are my best friends and I love yall! (: I just hope I am able to speak english during our skype because every missionary says it is super hard because I haven´t said an english word in weeks I only get to write haha anyways Love yall bye!

Got a sweet haircut today you can see in the pic above with the family in the house it was at this barber shop. Mexicans really know how to cut hair! Like dad hahahahaha


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