Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 16, 2015 update from Josh

My companion is Elder Navejas he is from Senora right underneathe, hope I spelled that right haha, Arizona! And he has been to Arizona and Utah lots of states out west. Don´t worry he has a green Card! haha but he speaks okay english but most of the time we just talk in spanish unless he wants to know how to say something. So we had another baptism this week and we have 3 more next week and two more so far the week after that! So yeah Elder Navejas and I get along because I like to work hard and so does he and thats all that matters to me. Every morning I get up right a 6:30 workout shower then start reading my scriptures. This is a picture of Enrique who we took to the temple so he could have his wife baptised who died two years ago. Enrique was baptised one week before I arrived but we got to take him to the temple we didn´t get to go in because a member of the 70 made a new rule that the missionaries in mexico city can only go inside the temple on Christmas and the other time is Easter, I think. So I am really blessed I got to go twice while in the MTC! Oh and mom I love captain Moroni too, he is my main example when I ask our investigators if they want to know this gospel is true because his testimony in the scriptures is so strong and when people read his words and pray the spirit hits them like a block and it is incredible to watch. I have been reading in Nephi currently 2nd nefi cuando el had to leave his brothers because they had become so wicked but him and alma are such examples to me as missionary.  Every night I pray for you guys like it says in my patriarchal blessing I will pray nightly for the welfare of my family and then I pray to be like Nephi and to be able to teach with power to my investiagators even though my words are wea. Which is funny because when Moroni was talking about Isiah I think and the Brother of Jarod he says these words are powerful and he was asking God why he couldn´t write well but I find Moroni´s words in the book of mormon the most powerful.
Love you all have a great week! And send pictures over email! Love you bye

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