Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 30, 2015 Update from Josh

Mom, wow what a profound scripture! Okay this email is response to both you and dad´s email. So first off dad I think you are shrinking then (; No but dang he is gonna be taller. Well here I feel like I am 7 feet tall haha. Oh and thanks for all the packages! Yes mom I got the birthday card thank you so much! My district leader called me saying Elder Anderson you have 3 packages I think one says to Josh from kentucky and I am named josh and from kentucky but i opened it and it was basketball socks so i think it is for you! hahaha he is a stud he has trouble with english because he learned spanish so well but he is leaving this friday ):
Anyway this week was awesome I asked someone on the street I contacted to be baptised and he said yes! We had a long talk about God´s plan for us and how he could be with his deceased wife for an eternity and he said "Oh quiero eso si si que necesito hacer" Dad your spanish is good! But I'm a missionary so you have to use usted haha. I was having troubles with my companion following the rules and waking up on time so I consulted the lord on what to do. I read in my patriarchal blessing that I like Nephi will thank heavenly Father for loving parents and pray the choicest blessings be upon my siblings everyday of my life. My first thought was I was like Nephi. So I read all of 1 and 2 Nephi and found a recurring topic that nephi continually was bold and direct with his older brother my trainor. Entonces había una conversación con el muy directo y poderoso y pienso puede escuchar mis palabras por el futuro. Pero todo bien no tengo fotos por este semana lo siento haha pero trabajamos mucho y no vamos el centro hoy. Les amo gracias por los regalos! Feliz Navidad estoy entusiasmado por cuando podemos skype! Extraño ustedes! 😇
Josh and Elder Navejas in Mexico City

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