Sunday, December 6, 2015

October 28, 2015 Josh is in the Mission Field!!! (and losing his ability to speak or write in English.... ;-0 ) ha ha!

Mama! Como esta!
I am doing great!  I have been all over the city these past 3 days teaching around 8 lessons a day.  My companion and I have about 6 or 7 of our investigators for baptism already! Of course he has been teaching them for a little but we have recieved two new investigators since being here! I was prompted to bring a little card with me in the street yesterday and en la tarde a drunk man wearing scrapes came up to Elder Navejas and I, asking for help and I bore my testimony and talked to him about how if he did the things I was telling him and did his part he could change his life through Christ. We have an appt.  with him tommorow. The city is crazy with tons of good street food. And for water we have these big jugs of filtered water and I use my filter water bottle. But there are so many stores like walmart costco everything I don´t need you to send me anything I doubt if it would come anyway because I never got the envelope with pictures you sent so give the stuff to zach (; thank you so much though the Lord has provided ten fold for me here.)
 I will send you a pic of our apartment next week. Just don´t freak out -lol -it is kinda of crazy where I am living I wash my clothes in a bucket ha! But today we took them to a place where a memeber we taught last night said she would clean all my clothes for really cheap. She is such a loving mother and takes care of her family she reminds me of you (: All of the members would do anything for us becasue they really believe in the blessings -they would feed us first before their own families. It is crazy what these people live in like they have nothing but are still so happy and I am happy I don´t even know how lol yes I do but I am writing you in a little room that has computers in the side of a building that takes 10 pesos an hour to use. We walk everywhere and sometimes take taxi´s. We aren´t allowed to take our cards anywhere we have to take out a bunch of money at the begining of the month take a taxi straight home and only take back out with us small amounts of cash. I am not allowed to say no if someone asks for my money and has a gun even though I am bigger than them president anaya said. But not many people get robbed here -only hermanas in certain places that is why we take the hermanas and help them with their lessons in some parts of the city. Did I mention the food is amazing! Some time in the future I am going to send emory something like a cool book of mormon cover, I got one, but when I do if you want to use the return address and send me some snacks or candy that would be awesome! But it takes a long time to get here so it is okay if you don´t but I promised emory I would send her something cool. It´s crazy the gift of tounges when I am in a lesson the words just spew out of my mouth I don´t even know how I have used the first vision by memorization in two different lessons already can you believe that this one old lady who takes care of her grandaughter that reminds me of brielle starting crying when I said the first vision. Crazy how the spirit works. If you read the first vision its pretty long I don´t even know it in english haha! I hope emory has recovered and I can´t wait to see a video of Brock crush someone in football!
Love you mom you are the best!


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