Sunday, December 6, 2015

November 2, 2015 Update from Josh

Here are a few pics. We have commited 5 people to baptism this week one for 14 of november, 4 for 21 of November.
This is the family we are baptising on the 21 neither of the women have husbands in their life but they all live together and are happy. This week we had 3 drunk people come up to us crying and asking for help. Two we have appts with but they are serious alcoholics. The other was gay and spoke english so I was able to have like an hour conversation with him and explain everything and he seemed to be receptive. Then he asked my companion why we were called elders and he said in spanish it is a calling after our mission we get our normal names back. Then the man said in english Why do you like to lie to me why do you like to waste my time then walked away. Later that day we saw is twin brother but we haven´t seen this man since. This picture was taken in the visitors center as you can see I was a little tall haha (: Love you guys!

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